PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
shapefil.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
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Data Structures

struct  SAHooks
struct  SHPInfo
struct  SHPObject
struct  shape_tree_node
struct  SHPTree


#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS   64
#define SHP_CVSID(string)
#define SHPT_NULL   0
#define SHPT_POINT   1
#define SHPT_ARC   3
#define SHPT_POLYGON   5
#define SHPT_POINTZ   11
#define SHPT_ARCZ   13
#define SHPT_POLYGONZ   15
#define SHPT_POINTM   21
#define SHPT_ARCM   23
#define SHPT_POLYGONM   25
#define SHPT_MULTIPATCH   31
#define SHPP_TRISTRIP   0
#define SHPP_TRIFAN   1
#define SHPP_OUTERRING   2
#define SHPP_INNERRING   3
#define SHPP_FIRSTRING   4
#define SHPP_RING   5
#define MAX_SUBNODE   4
#define XBASE_FLDHDR_SZ   32


typedef int * SAFile
typedef unsigned long SAOffset
typedef SHPInfoSHPHandle
typedef struct shape_tree_node SHPTreeNode


void SHPAPI_CALL SASetupDefaultHooks (SAHooks *psHooks)
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPOpen (const char *pszShapeFile, const char *pszAccess)
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPOpenLL (const char *pszShapeFile, const char *pszAccess, SAHooks *psHooks)
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPCreate (const char *pszShapeFile, int nShapeType)
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPCreateLL (const char *pszShapeFile, int nShapeType, SAHooks *psHooks)
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPGetInfo (SHPHandle hSHP, int *pnEntities, int *pnShapeType, double *padfMinBound, double *padfMaxBound)
SHPObject SHPAPI_CALL1SHPReadObject (SHPHandle hSHP, int iShape);int SHPAPI_CALL SHPWriteObject(SHPHandle hSHP, int iShape, SHPObject *psObject
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPDestroyObject (SHPObject *psObject)
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPComputeExtents (SHPObject *psObject)
SHPObject SHPAPI_CALL1SHPCreateObject (int nSHPType, int nShapeId, int nParts, const int *panPartStart, const int *panPartType, int nVertices, const double *padfX, const double *padfY, const double *padfZ, const double *padfM);SHPObject SHPAPI_CALL1(*) SHPCreateSimpleObject(int nSHPType, int nVertices, const double *padfX, const double *padfY, const double *padfZ
int SHPAPI_CALL SHPRewindObject (SHPHandle hSHP, SHPObject *psObject)
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPClose (SHPHandle hSHP)
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPWriteHeader (SHPHandle hSHP)
const char SHPAPI_CALL1SHPTypeName (int nSHPType);const char SHPAPI_CALL1(*) SHPPartTypeName(int nPartType
SHPTree SHPAPI_CALL1SHPCreateTree (SHPHandle hSHP, int nDimension, int nMaxDepth, double *padfBoundsMin, double *padfBoundsMax);void SHPAPI_CALL SHPDestroyTree(SHPTree *hTree
int SHPAPI_CALL SHPWriteTree (SHPTree *hTree, const char *pszFilename)
int SHPAPI_CALL SHPTreeAddObject (SHPTree *hTree, SHPObject *psObject)
int SHPAPI_CALL SHPTreeAddShapeId (SHPTree *hTree, SHPObject *psObject)
int SHPAPI_CALL SHPTreeRemoveShapeId (SHPTree *hTree, int nShapeId)
void SHPAPI_CALL SHPTreeTrimExtraNodes (SHPTree *hTree)
int SHPAPI_CALL1SHPTreeFindLikelyShapes (SHPTree *hTree, double *padfBoundsMin, double *padfBoundsMax, int *);int SHPAPI_CALL SHPCheckBoundsOverlap(double *, double *, double *, double *, int
int SHPAPI_CALL1SHPSearchDiskTree (FILE *fp, double *padfBoundsMin, double *padfBoundsMax, int *pnShapeCount);typedef struct{ SAHooks sHooks;SAFile fp;int nRecords;int nRecordLength;int nHeaderLength;int nFields;int *panFieldOffset;int *panFieldSize;int *panFieldDecimals;char *pachFieldType;char *pszHeader;int nCurrentRecord;int bCurrentRecordModified;char *pszCurrentRecord;int nWorkFieldLength;char *pszWorkField;int bNoHeader;int bUpdated;double dfDoubleField;int iLanguageDriver;char *pszCodePage;} DBFInfo;typedef DBFInfo *DBFHandle;typedef enum { FTString, FTInteger, FTDouble, FTLogical, FTDate, FTInvalid} DBFFieldType;#define XBASE_FLDHDR_SZDBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFOpen(const char *pszDBFFile, const char *pszAccess
DBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFOpenLL (const char *pszDBFFile, const char *pszAccess, SAHooks *psHooks)
DBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFCreate (const char *pszDBFFile)
DBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFCreateEx (const char *pszDBFFile, const char *pszCodePage)
DBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFCreateLL (const char *pszDBFFile, const char *pszCodePage, SAHooks *psHooks)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFGetFieldCount (DBFHandle psDBF)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFGetRecordCount (DBFHandle psDBF)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFAddField (DBFHandle hDBF, const char *pszFieldName, DBFFieldType eType, int nWidth, int nDecimals)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFAddNativeFieldType (DBFHandle hDBF, const char *pszFieldName, char chType, int nWidth, int nDecimals)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFDeleteField (DBFHandle hDBF, int iField)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFReorderFields (DBFHandle psDBF, int *panMap)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFAlterFieldDefn (DBFHandle psDBF, int iField, const char *pszFieldName, char chType, int nWidth, int nDecimals)
DBFFieldType SHPAPI_CALL DBFGetFieldInfo (DBFHandle psDBF, int iField, char *pszFieldName, int *pnWidth, int *pnDecimals)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFGetFieldIndex (DBFHandle psDBF, const char *pszFieldName)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFReadIntegerAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField)
double SHPAPI_CALL DBFReadDoubleAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField)
const char SHPAPI_CALL1DBFReadStringAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField);const char SHPAPI_CALL1(*) DBFReadLogicalAttribute(DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFIsAttributeNULL (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteIntegerAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField, int nFieldValue)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteDoubleAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField, double dFieldValue)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteStringAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField, const char *pszFieldValue)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteNULLAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteLogicalAttribute (DBFHandle hDBF, int iShape, int iField, const char lFieldValue)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteAttributeDirectly (DBFHandle psDBF, int hEntity, int iField, void *pValue)
const char SHPAPI_CALL1DBFReadTuple (DBFHandle psDBF, int hEntity);int SHPAPI_CALL DBFWriteTuple(DBFHandle psDBF, int hEntity, void *pRawTuple
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFIsRecordDeleted (DBFHandle psDBF, int iShape)
int SHPAPI_CALL DBFMarkRecordDeleted (DBFHandle psDBF, int iShape, int bIsDeleted)
DBFHandle SHPAPI_CALL DBFCloneEmpty (DBFHandle psDBF, const char *pszFilename)
void SHPAPI_CALL DBFClose (DBFHandle hDBF)
void SHPAPI_CALL DBFUpdateHeader (DBFHandle hDBF)
char SHPAPI_CALL DBFGetNativeFieldType (DBFHandle hDBF, int iField)