TopoElement — An array of 2 integers generally used to identify a TopoGeometry component.


An array of 2 integers used to represent the id (first element) and type (second element) of a topology primitive or the id (first element) and layer (second element) of a TopoGeometry. Sets of such pairs are used to define TopoGeometry objects (either simple or hierarchical).


SELECT te[1] AS id, te[2] AS type FROM
( SELECT ARRAY[1,2]::topology.topoelement AS te ) f;
 id | type
  1 |    2
SELECT ARRAY[1,2]::topology.topoelement;
--Example of what happens when you try to case a 3 element array to topoelement
-- NOTE: topoement has to be a 2 element array so fails dimension check
SELECT ARRAY[1,2,3]::topology.topoelement;
ERROR:  value for domain topology.topoelement violates check constraint "dimensions"

See Also

GetTopoGeomElements, TopoElementArray