PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
lwboundingcircle.c File Reference
#include <string.h>
#include "liblwgeom_internal.h"
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Data Structures



static SUPPORTING_POINTSsupporting_points_create ()
static void supporting_points_destroy (SUPPORTING_POINTS *s)
static uint32_t num_supporting_points (SUPPORTING_POINTS *support)
static int add_supporting_point (SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, const POINT2D *p)
static int point_inside_circle (const POINT2D *p, const LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *c)
static double det (double m00, double m01, double m10, double m11)
static void circumcenter (const POINT2D *a, const POINT2D *b, const POINT2D *c, POINT2D *result)
static void calculate_mbc_1 (const SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *mbc)
static void calculate_mbc_2 (const SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *mbc)
static void calculate_mbc_3 (const SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *mbc)
static int calculate_mbc_from_support (SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *mbc)
static int calculate_mbc (const POINT2D **points, uint32_t max_n, SUPPORTING_POINTS *support, LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *mbc)
static LWBOUNDINGCIRCLElwboundingcircle_create ()
void lwboundingcircle_destroy (LWBOUNDINGCIRCLE *c)
LWBOUNDINGCIRCLElwgeom_calculate_mbc (const LWGEOM *g)