PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
shp_dumper_state Struct Reference

#include <pgsql2shp-core.h>

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Data Fields

PGconn * conn
int pgis_major_version
int big_endian
int geom_oid
int geog_oid
char * schema
char * table
char * geo_col_name
char ** dbffieldnames
int * dbffieldtypes
char ** pgfieldnames
int * pgfieldlens
int * pgfieldtypmods
int fieldcount
int num_records
char * shp_file
DBFHandle dbf
SHPHandle shp
char outtype
int outshptype
int rowcount
char * main_scan_query
int currow
PGresult * fetchres
int curresrow
int currescount
char * fetch_query
char message [SHPDUMPERMSGLEN]
colmap column_map

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file pgsql2shp-core.h.

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