PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
lwspheroid.c File Reference
#include "liblwgeom_internal.h"
#include "lwgeodetic.h"
#include "lwgeom_log.h"
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void spheroid_init (SPHEROID *s, double a, double b)
 Initialize spheroid object based on major and minor axis. More...
static double spheroid_mu2 (double alpha, const SPHEROID *s)
static double spheroid_big_a (double u2)
static double spheroid_big_b (double u2)
double spheroid_distance (const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *a, const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *b, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
 Computes the shortest distance along the surface of the spheroid between two points. More...
double spheroid_direction (const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *r, const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *s, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
 Computes the direction of the geodesic joining two points on the spheroid. More...
int spheroid_project (const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *r, const SPHEROID *spheroid, double distance, double azimuth, GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *g)
 Given a location, an azimuth and a distance, computes the location of the projected point. More...
static double spheroid_prime_vertical_radius_of_curvature (double latitude, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
static double spheroid_parallel_arc_length (double latitude, double deltaLongitude, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
static double spheroid_boundingbox_area (const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *southWestCorner, const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *northEastCorner, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
 Computes the area on the spheroid of a box bounded by meridians and parallels. More...
static double spheroid_striparea (const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *a, const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *b, double latitude_min, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
 This function doesn't work for edges crossing the dateline or in the southern hemisphere. More...
static double ptarray_area_spheroid (const POINTARRAY *pa, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
double lwgeom_area_spheroid (const LWGEOM *lwgeom, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
 Calculate the area of an LWGEOM. More...