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◆ spheroid_parallel_arc_length()

static double spheroid_parallel_arc_length ( double  latitude,
double  deltaLongitude,
const SPHEROID spheroid 

Definition at line 420 of file lwspheroid.c.

References deltaLongitude(), and spheroid_prime_vertical_radius_of_curvature().

Referenced by spheroid_striparea().

421 {
422  return spheroid_prime_vertical_radius_of_curvature(latitude, spheroid)
423  * cos(latitude)
424  * deltaLongitude;
425 }
double deltaLongitude(double azimuth, double sigma, double tsm, SPHEROID *sphere)
static double spheroid_prime_vertical_radius_of_curvature(double latitude, const SPHEROID *spheroid)
Definition: lwspheroid.c:415
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