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A.1. PostGIS 3.5.0


This version requires PostgreSQL 12-17, GEOS 3.8 or higher, and Proj 6.1+. To take advantage of all features, GEOS 3.12+ is needed. To take advantage of all SFCGAL featurs, SFCGAL 1.5.0+ is needed.


Dapeng Wang, Zuo Chenwei from HighGo (Chinese Team)

Teramoto Ikuhiro (Japanese Team)

Vincent Bre (French Team)


#5546, TopoGeometry <> TopoGeometry is now ambiguous, to get the old behaviour, assuming your TopoGeometry objects are named tg1 and tg2, use: ( id(tg1) <> id(tg2) OR topology_id(tg1) <> topology_id(tg2) OR layer_id(tg1) <> layer_id(tg2) OR type(tg1) <> type(tg2) ) (Sandro Santilli)

#5536, comments are not anymore included in PostGIS extensions (Sandro Santilli)

xmllint is now required to build comments (Sandro Santilli)

DocBook5 XSL is now required to build html (Sandro Santilli)

#5602, Drop support for GEOS 3.6 and 3.7 (Regina Obe)

#5571, Improve ST_GeneratePoints performance, but old seeded pseudo random points will need to be regenerated.

#5596, GH-749, Allow promoting column as an id in ST_AsGeoJson(record,..). Views and materialized views that use the ST_AsGeoJSON(record ..) will need rebuilding to upgrade to new signature (Jan Tojnar)

#5496, ST_Clip all variants replaced, will require rebuilding of materialized views that use them (Regina Obe)

#5659, ST_DFullyWithin behaviour has changed to be ST_Contains(ST_Buffer(A, R), B) (Paul Ramsey)

Remove the WFS_locks extra package. (Paul Ramsey)

Deprecated signatures

GH-761, ST_StraightSkeleton = > CG_StraightSkeleton (Loïc Bartoletti)

GH-189, All SFCGAL functions now use the prefix CG_, with the old ones using ST_ being deprecated. (Loïc Bartoletti)


Improvements in the 'postgis' script:

  • new command list-enabled

  • new command list-all

  • command upgrade upgrades all databases that need to be

  • command status reports status of all databases

(Sandro Santilli)

#5742, expose version of PROJ at compile time (Sandro Santilli)

#5721, postgis_topology: Allow sharing sequences between different topologies (Lars Opsahl)

#5667, postgis_topology: TopoGeo_LoadGeometry (Sandro Santilli)

#5055, add explicit <> geometry operator to prevent non-unique error with <> and != (Paul Ramsey)

Add ST_HasZ/ST_HasM (Loïc Bartoletti)

GT-123, postgis_sfcgal: CG_YMonotonePartition, CG_ApproxConvexPartition, CG_GreeneApproxConvexPartition and CG_OptimalConvexPartition (Loïc Bartoletti)

GT-156, postgis_sfcgal: CG_Visibility (Loïc Bartoletti)

GT-157, postgis_sfcgal: Add ST_ExtrudeStraightSkeleton (Loïc Bartoletti)

#5496, postgis_raster: ST_Clip support for touched (Regina Obe)

GH-760, postgis_sfcgal: CG_Intersection, CG_3DIntersects, CG_Intersects, CG_Difference, CG_Union (and aggregate), CG_Triangulate, CG_Area, CG_3DDistance, CG_Distance (Loïc Bartoletti)

#5687, Don't rely on search_path to determine postgis schema Fix for PG17 security change (Regina Obe)

#5705, GH-767, ST_RemoveIrrelevantPointsForView (Sam Peters)

#5706, GH-768, ST_RemoveSmallParts (Sam Peters)


#3587, postgis_topology: faster load of big lines in topologies (Sandro Santilli)

#5670, postgis_topology: faster ST_CreateTopoGeo (Sandro Santilli)

#5531, documentation format upgraded to DocBook 5 (Sandro Santilli)

#5543, allow building without documentation (Sandro Santilli)

#5596, GH-749, Allow promoting column as an id in ST_AsGeoJson(record,..). (Jan Tojnar)

GH-744, Don't create docbook.css for the HTML manual, use style.css instead (Chris Mayo)

Faster implementation of point-in-poly cached index (Paul Ramsey)

Improve performance of ST_GeneratePoints (Paul Ramsey)

#5361, ST_CurveN, ST_NumCurves and consistency in accessors on curved geometry (Paul Ramsey)

GH-761, postgis_sfcgal: Add an optional parameter to CG_StraightSkeleton (was ST_StraightSkeleton) to use m as a distance in result (Hannes Janetzek, Loïc Bartoletti)