ST_3DIntersection — 3차원 교차를 수행합니다.


geometry ST_3DIntersection(geometry geom1, geometry geom2);



ST_3DIntersection is deprecated as of 3.5.0. Use CG_3DIntersection instead.

geom1과 geom2가 공유하는 부분을 도형으로 반환합니다.

2.1.0 버전부터 사용할 수 있습니다.

This method needs SFCGAL backend.

This method implements the SQL/MM specification. SQL-MM IEC 13249-3: 5.1

This function supports 3d and will not drop the z-index.

This function supports Polyhedral surfaces.

This function supports Triangles and Triangulated Irregular Network Surfaces (TIN).