ST_ApproximateMedialAxis — Compute the approximate medial axis of an areal geometry.


geometry ST_ApproximateMedialAxis(geometry geom);


Return an approximate medial axis for the areal input based on its straight skeleton. Uses an SFCGAL specific API when built against a capable version (1.2.0+). Otherwise the function is just a wrapper around ST_StraightSkeleton (slower case).

Disponibilità: 2.2.0

Questo metodo richiede il backend SFCGAL.

Questa funzione supporta il 3d e non distrugge gli z-index.

Questa funzione supporta le Polyhedral Surface.

Questa funzione supporta i Triangoli e le Triangulated Irregular Network Surfaces (TIN).


SELECT ST_ApproximateMedialAxis(ST_GeomFromText('POLYGON (( 190 190, 10 190, 10 10, 190 10, 190 20, 160 30, 60 30, 60 130, 190 140, 190 190 ))'));

A polygon and its approximate medial axis

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