|=| — Returns the distance between A and B trajectories at their closest point of approach.


double precision |=|( geometry A , geometry B );


The |=| operator returns the 3D distance between two trajectories (See ST_IsValidTrajectory). This is the same as ST_DistanceCPA but as an operator it can be used for doing nearest neighbor searches using an N-dimensional index (requires PostgreSQL 9.5.0 or higher).


This operand will make use of ND GiST indexes that may be available on the geometries. It is different from other operators that use spatial indexes in that the spatial index is only used when the operator is in the ORDER BY clause.


Index only kicks in if one of the geometries is a constant (not in a subquery/cte). e.g. 'SRID=3005;LINESTRINGM(0 0 0,0 0 1)'::geometry instead of a.geom

Availability: 2.2.0. Index-supported only available for PostgreSQL 9.5+


-- Save a literal query trajectory in a psql variable...
\set qt 'ST_AddMeasure(ST_MakeLine(ST_MakePointM(-350,300,0),ST_MakePointM(-410,490,0)),10,20)'
-- Run the query !
SELECT track_id, dist FROM (
  SELECT track_id, ST_DistanceCPA(tr,:qt) dist
  FROM trajectories
  ORDER BY tr |=| :qt
) foo;
 track_id        dist
      395 | 0.576496831518066
      380 |  5.06797130410151
      390 |  7.72262293958322
      385 |   9.8004461358071
      405 |  10.9534397988433
(5 rows)