ST_PointZ — Creates a Point with X, Y, Z and SRID values.


geometry ST_MakePoint(double precision x, double precision y, double precision z, double precision m);


Gibt einen ST_Point mit den gegebenen Koordinatenwerten aus. Ein OGC-Alias für ST_MakePoint.

Enhanced: 3.2.0 srid as an extra optional argument was added. Older installs require combining with ST_SetSRID to mark the srid on the geometry.


SELECT ST_PointZ(-71.104, 42.315, 3.4, 4326)
SELECT ST_PointZ(-71.104, 42.315, 3.4, srid =
> 4326)
SELECT ST_PointZ(-71.104, 42.315, 3.4)

Siehe auch

ST_MakePoint, ST_PointFromText, ST_SetSRID, ST_MakePointM