ST_Hexagon — Returns a single hexagon, using the provided edge size and cell coordinate within the hexagon grid space.


geometry ST_MakePoint(double precision x, double precision y, double precision z, double precision m);


Uses the same hexagon tiling concept as ST_HexagonGrid, but generates just one hexagon at the desired cell coordinate. Optionally, can adjust origin coordinate of the tiling, the default origin is at 0,0.

Hexagons are generated with no SRID set, so use ST_SetSRID to set the SRID to the one you expect.

Verfügbarkeit: 2.1.0

Example: Creating a hexagon at the origin

SELECT ST_AsText(ST_SetSRID(ST_Hexagon(1.0, 0, 0), 3857));

POLYGON((-1 0,-0.5
         0.866025403784439,-1 0)) 

Siehe auch

ST_TileEnvelope, ST_MakePoint, ST_SetSRID