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PostGIS 3.0.0beta1

The PostGIS development team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.0.0beta1.

This release works with PostgreSQL 9.5-12RC1 and GEOS >= 3.6

Best served with PostgreSQL 12RC1 and GEOS 3.8.0beta1 both of which came out in the past couple of days.


View all closed tickets for 3.0.0.

Main changes since PostGIS 3.0.0alpha4 release are as follows:

  • #4492, Fix ST_Simplify ignoring the value of the 3rd parameter (Raúl Marín)
  • #4494, Fix ST_Simplify output having an outdated bbox (Raúl Marín)
  • #4493, Fix ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints output having an outdated bbox (Raúl Marín)
  • #4495, Fix ST_SnapToGrid output having an outdated bbox (Raúl Marín)
  • #4496, Make ST_Simplify(TRIANGLE) collapse if requested (Raúl Marín)
  • #4501, Allow postgis_tiger_geocoder to be installable by non-super users (Regina Obe)
  • #4503, Speed up the calculation of cartesian bbox (Raúl Marín)
  • #4504, shp2pgsql -D not working with schema qualified tables (Regina Obe)
  • #4505, Speed up conversion of geometries to/from GEOS (Dan Baston)
  • #4507, Use GEOSMakeValid and GEOSBuildArea for GEOS 3.8+ (Dan Baston)
  • #4491, Speed up ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints (Raúl Marín)
  • #4509, Update geocoder for tiger 2019 (Regina Obe)
  • #4338, tiger geocoder Census block level data (tabblock table) not loading (Regina Obe)

Note that a major change in 3.0 is that the raster functionality has been broken out as a separate extension. If you are upgrading from a previous edition, do the following:

After installing the binaries or after running pg_upgrade, make sure to do:

-* this next step repackages raster in its own extension
-* and upgrades all your other related postgis extension
SELECT PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();

--if you don't use raster, you can do
DROP EXTENSION postgis_raster;

-* New users

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_raster;
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder;

If you use legacy.sql or legacy_minimal.sql, make sure to rerun the version packaged with these releases.