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PostGIS 3.0.0alpha3

The PostGIS development team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.0.0alpha3.

This release works with PostgreSQL 9.5-12beta2 and GEOS >= 3.6

Best served with PostgreSQL 12beta2.


View all closed tickets for 3.0.0.

Main changes since PostGIS 3.0.0alpha2 release are as follows:

  • 4438, Update serialization to support extended flags area (Paul Ramsey)
  • 3437, Speed up ST_Intersects with Points (Raúl Marín)
  • 4352, Use CREATE OR REPLACE AGGREGATE for PG12+ (Raúl Marín)
  • 4441, Make GiST penalty friendly to multi-column indexes and build single-column ones faster. (Darafei Praliaskouski)
  • 4372, PROJ6: Speed improvements (Raúl Marín)
  • 4414, Include version number in address_standardizer lib (Raúl Marín)
  • 4334, Fix upgrade issues related to renamed parameters (Raúl Marín)
  • 4388, AddRasterConstraints: Ignore NULLs when generating constraints (Raúl Marín)
  • 4327, Avoid pfree’ing the result of getenv (Raúl Marín)
  • 4406, Throw on invalid characters when decoding geohash (Raúl Marín)
  • 4429, Avoid resource leaks with PROJ6 (Raúl Marín)
  • 4443, Fix wagyu configure dropping CPPFLAGS (Raúl Marín)
  • 4440, Type lookups in FDW fail (Paul Ramsey)
  • 4442, raster2pgsql now skips NODATA tiles. Use -k option if you still want them in database for some reason. (Darafei Praliaskouski)

Note that a major change in 3.0 is that the raster functionality has been broken out as a separate extension. If you are upgrading from a previous edition, do the following:

After installing the binaries or after running pg_upgrade, make sure to do:

-- this next step repackages raster in its own extension
-- and upgrades all your other related postgis extension
SELECT PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();

--if you don't use raster, you can do
DROP EXTENSION postgis_raster;

– New users

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_raster;
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder;

If you use legacy.sql or legacy_minimal.sql, make sure to rerun the version packaged with these releases.