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PostGIS 2.5.0beta2

The PostGIS development team is pleased to release PostGIS 2.5.0beta2.

This release is a work in progress. Remaining time will be focused on bug fixes and documentation until PostGIS 2.5.0 release. Although this release will work for PostgreSQL 9.4 and above, to take full advantage of what PostGIS 2.5 offers, you should be running PostgreSQL 11beta3+ and GEOS 3.7.0beta2 which were released recently.

Best served with PostgreSQL 11beta3 which was recently released.

Changes since PostGIS 2.5.0beta1 release are as follows:

  • 4115, Fix a bug that created MVTs with incorrect property values under parallel plans (Raúl Marín).
  • 4120, ST_AsMVTGeom: Clip using tile coordinates (Raúl Marín).
  • 4132, ST_Intersection on Raster now works without throwing TopologyException (Vinícius A.B. Schmidt, Darafei Praliaskouski)
  • 4109, Fix WKT parser accepting and interpreting numbers with multiple dots (Raúl Marín, Paul Ramsey)
  • 4140, Use user-provided CFLAGS in address standardizer and the topology module (Raúl Marín)
  • 4143, Fix backend crash when ST_OffsetCurve fails (Dan Baston)
  • 4145, Speedup MVT column parsing (Raúl Marín)

View all closed tickets for 2.5.0.

After installing the binaries or after running pg_upgrade, make sure to do:


– if you use the other extensions packaged with postgis – make sure to upgrade those as well

ALTER EXTENSION postgis_topology UPDATE;
ALTER EXTENSION postgis_tiger_geocoder UPDATE;

If you use legacy.sql or legacy_minimal.sql, make sure to rerun the version packaged with these releases.