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PostGIS 2.4.0beta1 Released

The PostGIS development team is pleased to announce the release of PostGIS 2.4.0beta1. PostGIS 2.4.0 will be the first version to support PostgreSQL 10. Best served with PostgreSQL 10beta4 and pgRouting 2.5.0beta See the full list of changes in the news file.

We encourage everyone to test and in particular package maintainers to insure no surprises at final release time.


From this point forward until release of PostGIS 2.4.0, no new functions will be added. Only bug fixes will be addressed in future 2.4.0 betas and rcs.

In order to have Map Box Vector Tiles support enabled, you’ll need to compile with protobuf support and pkg-config to verify the correct minimum version of protobuf-c see protobuf for details. ST_FrechetDistance function will not be enabled if PostGIS is compiled with lower than GEOS 3.7.0. GEOS 3.7.0 will be released around the same time as PostGIS 2.4.0 and will have a beta release in a week.

Please report bugs that you find in this release.

New Features

  • 3822, Have postgis_full_version() also show and check version of PostgreSQL the scripts were built against (Sandro Santilli)
  • 2411, curves support in ST_Reverse (Sandro Santilli)
  • 2951, ST_Centroid for geography (Danny Götte)
  • 3788, Allow to work on directory-style (-Fd) dumps (Roger Crew)
  • 3772, Direction agnostic ST_CurveToLine output (Sandro Santilli / KKGeo)
  • 2464, ST_CurveToLine with MaxError tolerance (Sandro Santilli / KKGeo)
  • 3599, Geobuf output support via ST_AsGeobuf (Björn Harrtell)
  • 3661, Mapbox vector tile output support via ST_AsMVT (Björn Harrtell / Carto)
  • 3689, Add orientation checking and forcing functions (Dan Baston)
  • 3753, Gist penalty speed improvements for 2d and nd points (Darafei Praliaskouski)
  • 3677, ST_FrechetDistance (Shinichi Sugiyama)
  • Most aggregates (raster and geometry), and all stable / immutable (raster and geometry) marked as parallel safe
  • 2249, ST_MakeEmptyCoverage for raster (David Zwarg, ainomieli)
  • 3709, Allow signed distance for ST_Project (Darafei Praliaskouski)
  • 524, Covers support for Polygon-on-polygon, line on line, point on line for geography (Danny Götte)


  • Support for PostgreSQL 10
  • 3747, Add zip4 and address_alphanumeric as attributes to norm_addy tiger_geocoder type.
  • 3748, address_standardizer lookup tables update so pagc_normalize_address better standardizes abbreviations
  • 3647, better handling of noding in ST_Node using GEOSNode (Wouter Geraedts)
  • 3684, Update to EPSG register v9 (Even Rouault)

Breaking Changes

  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 9.2.
  • 3810, GEOS 3.4.0 or above minimum required to compile
  • Most aggregates now marked as parallel safe, which means most aggs have to be dropped / recreated. If you have views that utilize PostGIS aggs, you’ll need to drop before upgrade and recreate after upgrade

View all [closed tickets for 2.4.0][1]. [1]: