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PostGIS 2.1.9 Released EOL

The PostGIS development team has uploaded the final release of the PostGIS 2.1 branch. The 2.1 branch is now end-of-life. As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages.

Please report bugs that you find in this release.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 2232, avoid accumulated error in SVG rounding
  • 2283, Import nested holey multipolygons correctly
  • 3222, Fix uninitialized stddev in stats computation
  • 3196, do not let DropTopology drop non-topology schemes
  • 3198, ST_AddEdgeModFace docs report wrong side of new face
  • 3245, Ensure lwgeom/geos returns are fully owned
  • 3280, Fix topology import of almost collinear linestrings
  • 3281, Do not export liblwgeom symbols from the PostgreSQL module
  • 3351, Set endnodes isolation on ST_RemoveIsoEdge
  • 3355, Fix geography ST_Segmentize() does not add geodetic box ST_Intersects and other relationship functions always return false as result.
  • 3359, Fix toTopoGeom loss of low-id primitives from TopoGeometry definition
  • 3375, crash in repeated point removal for collection(point)
  • 3378, Fix handling of hierarchical TopoGeometries with of multiple topologies
  • 3389, Buffer overflow in lwgeom_to_geojson
  • 3393, ST_Area NaN for some polygons
  • 3436, memory handling mistake in ptarray_clone_deep
  • 3461, ST_GeomFromKML crashes Postgres when there are innerBoundaryIs and no outerBoundaryIs
  • 3429, upgrading to 2.2 or 2.3 can cause crash/hang on some platforms
  • 3565, ST_SetPoint can crash backend
  • 3579, Crash in LWGEOM2GEOS
  • 3583, Crash in ST_GeomFromGeoJSON on malformed multipolygon
  • 3607, Fix inconsistency with multilinestring in ST_LocateBetweenElevations (Artur Zakirov)
  • 3608, Fix crash passing -W UTF-8 to shp2pgsql (Matt Amos)
  • 3644, Deadlock on interrupt
  • 3774, Trigonometric length for CompoundCurves
  • 3731, Crash on very small table of homogenous data

See the full list of changes in the news file and please report bugs that you find in the release. Binary packages will appear in repositories over the coming weeks as packagers roll out builds.

View all [closed tickets for 2.1.9][1]. [1]: