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PostGIS 2.2.3 Released

The PostGIS development team is pleased to announce the release of PostGIS 2.2.3 As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages.

If you are a Mac user using newer XCode 8, you might run into some compilation issues as a result of recent changes in XCode. Refer to for a patch you can use.

Please report bugs that you find in this release.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 3615, Fix schema support in RT_CreateOveriew (Cait Smith)
  • 3628, Fix lack of support for capitalized-Y in SwapOrdinates
  • 3524, Add interruptibility to geography brute-force distance calculation
  • 3522, Handle POINT and MULTIPOINT correctly in ST_Subdivide
  • 3565, ST_SetPoint can crash backend
  • 3571, Install desktop file and application icons for shp2pgsql-gui (Sebastiaan Couwenberg)
  • 3573, Operator «-» incorrectly calculates m distance
  • 3579, Crash in LWGEOM2GEOS
  • 3515, tiger_data not being backed up
  • 3569, Incorrect coordinates returned by ST_CollectionHomogenize (Dan Baston)
  • 3602, perl as found by configure is not used in tiger extension, postgis_sfcgal, address_standardizer
  • 3604, pgcommon/ orders CFLAGS leads to installed liblwgeom.h (Greg Troxel)
  • 3607, Fix inconsistency with multilinestring in ST_LocateBetweenElevations (Artur Zakirov)
  • 3608, Fix crash passing -W UTF-8 to shp2pgsql (Matt Amos)
  • 3624, [raster] load_outdb related tests fail for 2.2.2 & 2.3.0-beta1 on Debian unstable perl @INC fix (Sebastiaan Couwenberg)
  • 3627, Encoded polyline functions ignore precision parameter (Christian Quest / Dan Baston)
  • 3501, use ST_Union instead of ST_Collect to compute raster max extent constraint
  • 3640, Interpolate_from_address sometimes results in "" invalid for numeric
  • 3641, Tiger normalize, pagc_normalize integer out of range
  • 3644, Deadlock on interrupt
  • 3542, Crash on Geometry(MultiCurve())
  • Numerous documentation corrections from ruvyn
  • 3652, Segmentation fault during operations on GEOMETRYCOLLECTION with MULTICURVE geometry inside

See the full list of changes in the news file and please report bugs that you find in the release. Binary packages will appear in repositories over the coming weeks as packagers roll out builds.

View all [closed tickets for 2.2.3][1]. [1]: