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PostGIS 2.1.2 Released

The 2.1.2 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is happy to release patch for PostGIS 2.1, the 2.1.2 release. As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages.

Best served with a bottle of GEOS 3.4.2.


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  • #2514, Change raster license from GPL v3+ to v2+, allowing distribution of PostGIS Extension as GPLv2.

Bug Fixes

  • #2666, Error out at configure time if no SQL preprocessor can be found
  • #2534, st_distance returning incorrect results for large geographies
  • #2539, Check for json-c/json.h presence/usability before json/json.h
  • #2543, invalid join selectivity error from simple query
  • #2546, GeoJSON with string coordinates parses incorrectly
  • #2547, Fix ST_Simplify(TopoGeometry) for hierarchical topogeoms
  • #2552, Fix NULL raster handling in ST_AsPNG, ST_AsTIFF and ST_AsJPEG
  • #2555, Fix parsing issue of range arguments of ST_Reclass
  • #2556, geography ST_Intersects results depending on insert order
  • #2580, Do not allow installing postgis twice in the same database
  • #2589, Remove use of unnecessary void pointers
  • #2607, Cannot open more than 1024 out-db files in one process
  • #2610, Ensure face splitting algorithm uses the edge index
  • #2615, EstimatedExtent (and hence, underlying stats) gathering wrong bbox
  • #2619, Empty rings array in GeoJSON polygon causes crash
  • #2634, regression in sphere distance code
  • #2638, Geography distance on M geometries sometimes wrong
  • #2648, #2653, Fix topology functions when “topology” is not in search_path
  • #2654, Drop deprecated calls from topology
  • #2655, Let users without topology privileges call postgis_full_version()
  • #2674, Fix missing operator = and hash_raster_ops opclass on raster
  • #2675, #2534, #2636, #2634, #2638, Geography distance issues with tree optimization


  • #2494, avoid memcopy in GiST index (hayamiz)
  • #2560, soft upgrade: avoid drop/recreate of aggregates that hadn’t changed

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