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PostGIS 2.1.0rc2 Released

The 2.1.0rc2 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is proud to release a release candidate version of upcoming PostGIS 2.1.0. As befits a minor release, the focus is on speed improvements, more features, and bug fixes. We expect this to be the final release candidate before we officially release 2.1.0 slated for Aug 12th, 2013. We’d appreciate it if you test it before final release and report back with any issues you run into so we can have a smooth release.

If you are currently using PostGIS 2.0 (or 2.1.0 beta3+) using extension support, you can go the soft upgrade path:

ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE TO "2.1.0rc2";

If you are running 2.1.0 of beta or an unreleased version (and the above step fails with error “extension postgis has no update path from version x.x.x to version 2.1.0rc2”) , you need to first copy the file in share\extensions\postgis–2.0.3–2.1.0rc2.sql and change the 2.0.3 to the x.x.x noted in the error you are running. Then follow the above upgrade step again.

Users of 1.5 and below will need to go the hard-upgrade path.

Best served with a bottle of GEOS 3.4.0 (planned release Aug 11th) and PostgreSQL 9.3beta2.


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This release contains bug fixes completed since 2.1.0rc1 release:

Bug Fixes

  • #2401 pagc_address_parser: Add is_custom options to pagc_rules table
  • #2230 loader/dumper: pgsql2shp fails with named schema on windows 64
  • #2381 pagc_address_parser: change all casing to uppercase
  • #2389 documentation: shp2pgsql\_gui misses man page
  • #2380 pagc_address_parser: Fix pagc lookup tables resolves BAY STATE incorrectly
  • #2274 pagc_address_parser: pagc doesn’t compile with 9.3 development
  • #2384 raster: [raster] Problem in ST_Neighborhood(raster, integer, geometry, integer, integer, boolean)
  • #2383 raster: [raster]: Create extension with backslash_quote off
  • #2379 topology: Topology regression failure in regress/topogeo_addlinestring
  • #1754 postgis: in_gml regress check crashes on vc++ 64 edb (only 9.3)

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