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PostGIS 2.1.0 Released

The 2.1.0 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is proud to release PostGIS 2.1.0. As befits a minor release, the focus is on speed improvements, more features, and bug fixes.

If you are currently using PostGIS 2.0+, you can go the soft upgrade path:


If you are running 2.1.0 of beta or an unreleased version (and the above step fails with error “extension postgis has no update path from version x.x.x to version 2.1.0”) , you need to first copy the file in share\extensions\postgis–2.0.3–2.1.0.sql and change the 2.0.3 to the x.x.x noted in the error you are running. Then follow the above upgrade step again.

Users of 1.5 and below will need to go the hard-upgrade path documented in manual:

Best served with a bottle of GEOS 3.4.1 and PostgreSQL 9.3beta2 (planned release September).


html doc download pdf doc download epub doc download

This release contains bug fixes completed since 2.1.0rc2 release:

This release contains a ton of speed improvements, function additions , and super sexy new features. It has been over a year in the making.

New functions itemized in\_Functions_Index.html#NewFunctions_2_1

Important / Breaking Changes

  • #1653, Removed srid parameter from ST_Resample(raster) and variants with reference raster no longer apply reference raster’s SRID.
  • #1962 ST_Segmentize* As a result of the introduction of geography support, The construct: SELECT ST_Segmentize(‘LINESTRING(1 2, 3 4)’,0.5); will result in ambiguous function error
  • #2026, ST_Union(raster) now unions all bands of all rasters
  • #2089, liblwgeom: lwgeom_set_handlers replaces lwgeom_init_allocators.
  • #2150, regular_blocking is no longer a constraint. column of same name in raster_columns now checks for existance of spatially_unique and coverage_tile constraints
  • ST_Intersects(raster, geometry) behaves in the same manner as ST_Intersects(geometry, raster).
  • point variant of ST_SetValue(raster) previously did not check SRID of input geometry and raster.
  • ST_Hillshade parameters azimuth and altitude are now in degrees instead of radians.
  • ST_Slope and ST_Aspect return pixel values in degrees instead of radians.

Deprecated signatures

  • #2104, ST_World2RasterCoord, ST_World2RasterCoordX and ST_World2RasterCoordY renamed to ST_WorldToRasterCoord, ST_WorldToRasterCoordX and ST_WorldToRasterCoordY. ST_Raster2WorldCoord, ST_Raster2WorldCoordX and ST_Raster2WorldCoordY renamed to ST_RasterToWorldCoord, ST_RasterToWorldCoordX and ST_RasterToWorldCoordY
  • ST_Estimated_Extent renamed to ST_EstimatedExtent
  • ST_Line_Interpolate_Point renamed to ST_LineInterpolatePoint
  • ST_Line_Substring renamed to ST_LineSubstring
  • ST_Line_Locate_Point renamed to ST_LineLocatePoint
  • ST_Force_XXX renamed to ST_ForceXXX
  • ST_MapAlgebraFctNgb and 1 and 2 raster variants of ST_MapAlgebraFct. Use ST_MapAlgebra instead
  • 1 and 2 raster variants of ST_MapAlgebraExpr. Use expression variants of ST_MapAlgebra instead

New Features

  • Refer to for complete list of new functions
  • #310, ST_DumpPoints converted to a C function (Nathan Wagner)
  • #739, UpdateRasterSRID()
  • #945, improved join selectivity, N-D selectivity calculations, user accessible selectivity and stats reader functions for testing (Paul Ramsey / OpenGeo)
  • toTopoGeom with TopoGeometry sink (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • clearTopoGeom (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • ST_Segmentize(geography) (Paul Ramsey / OpenGeo)
  • ST_DelaunayTriangles (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • ST_NearestValue, ST_Neighborhood (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • ST_PixelAsPoint, ST_PixelAsPoints (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • ST_PixelAsCentroid, ST_PixelAsCentroids (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • ST_Raster2WorldCoord, ST_World2RasterCoord (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • Additional raster/raster spatial relationship functions (ST_Contains, ST_ContainsProperly, ST_Covers, ST_CoveredBy, ST_Disjoint, ST_Overlaps, ST_Touches, ST_Within, ST_DWithin, ST_DFullyWithin) (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • Added array variants of ST_SetValues() to set many pixel values of a band in one call (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • #1293, ST_Resize(raster) to resize rasters based upon width/height
  • #1627, package tiger_geocoder as a PostgreSQL extension
  • #1643, #2076, Upgrade tiger geocoder to support loading tiger 2011 and 2012 (Regina Obe / Paragon Corporation) Funded by Hunter Systems Group
  • GEOMETRYCOLLECTION support for ST_MakeValid (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • #1709, ST_NotSameAlignmentReason(raster, raster)
  • #1818, ST_GeomFromGeoHash and friends (Jason Smith (darkpanda))
  • #1856, reverse geocoder rating setting for prefer numbered highway name
  • ST_PixelOfValue (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • Casts to/from PostgreSQL geotypes (point/path/polygon).
  • Added geomval array variant of ST_SetValues() to set many pixel values of a band using a set of geometries and corresponding values in one call (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • ST_Tile(raster) to break up a raster into tiles (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • #1895, new r-tree node splitting algorithm (Alex Korotkov)
  • #2011, ST_DumpValues to output raster as array (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • #2018, ST_Distance support for CircularString, CurvePolygon, MultiCurve, MultiSurface, CompoundCurve
  • #2030, n-raster (and n-band) ST_MapAlgebra (Bborie Park / UC Davis)
  • #2193, Utilize PAGC parser as drop in replacement for tiger normalizer (Steve Woodbridge, Regina Obe)
  • #2210, ST_MinConvexHull(raster)
  • lwgeom_from_geojson in liblwgeom (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • #1687, ST_Simplify for TopoGeometry (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • #2228, TopoJSON output for TopoGeometry (Sandro Santilli / Vizzuality)
  • #2123, ST_FromGDALRaster
  • #613, ST_SetGeoReference with numerical parameters instead of text
  • #2276, ST_AddBand(raster) variant for out-db bands
  • #2280, ST_Summary(raster)
  • #2163, ST_TPI for raster (Nathaniel Clay)
  • #2164, ST_TRI for raster (Nathaniel Clay)
  • #2302, ST_Roughness for raster (Nathaniel Clay)
  • #2290, ST_ColorMap(raster) to generate RGBA bands
  • #2254, Add SFCGAL backend support. (Backend selection throught postgis.backend var) Functions available both throught GEOS or SFCGAL: ST_Intersects, ST_3DIntersects, ST_Intersection, ST_Area, ST_Distance, ST_3DDistance New functions available only with SFCGAL backend: ST_3DIntersection, ST_Tesselate, ST_3DArea, ST_Extrude, ST_ForceLHR ST_Orientation, ST_Minkowski, ST_StraightSkeleton postgis_sfcgal_version New function available in PostGIS: ST_ForceSFS (Olivier Courtin and Hugo Mercier / Oslandia)


  • #823, tiger geocoder: Make loader_generate_script download portion less greedy
  • #826, raster2pgsql no longer defaults to padding tiles. Flag -P can be used to pad tiles
  • #1363, ST_AddBand(raster, …) array version rewritten in C
  • #1364, ST_Union(raster, …) aggregate function rewritten in C
  • #1655, Additional default values for parameters of ST_Slope
  • #1661, Add aggregate variant of ST_SameAlignment
  • #1719, Add support for Point and GeometryCollection ST_MakeValid inputs
  • #1780, support ST_GeoHash for geography
  • #1796, Big performance boost for distance calculations in geography
  • #1802, improved function interruptibility.
  • #1823, add parameter in ST_AsGML to use id column for GML 3 output (become mandatory since GML 3.2.1)
  • #1856, tiger geocoder: reverse geocoder rating setting for prefer numbered highway name
  • #1938, Refactor basic ST_AddBand to add multiple new bands in one call
  • #1978, wrong answer when calculating length of a closed circular arc (circle)
  • #1989, Preprocess input geometry to just intersection with raster to be clipped
  • #2021, Added multi-band support to ST_Union(raster, …) aggregate function
  • #2006, better support of ST_Area(geography) over poles and dateline
  • #2065, ST_Clip(raster, …) now a C function
  • #2069, Added parameters to ST_Tile(raster) to control padding of tiles
  • #2078, New variants of ST_Slope, ST_Aspect and ST_HillShade to provide solution to handling tiles in a coverage
  • #2097, Added RANGE uniontype option for ST_Union(raster)
  • #2105, Added ST_Transform(raster) variant for aligning output to reference raster
  • #2119, Rasters passed to ST_Resample(), ST_Rescale(), ST_Reskew(), and ST_SnapToGrid() no longer require an SRID
  • #2141, More verbose output when constraints fail to be added to a raster column
  • #2143, Changed blocksize constraint of raster to allow multiple values
  • #2148, Addition of coverage_tile constraint for raster
  • #2149, Addition of spatially_unique constraint for raster
  • TopologySummary output now includes unregistered layers and a count of missing TopoGeometry objects from their natural layer.
  • ST_HillShade(), ST_Aspect() and ST_Slope() have one new optional parameter to interpolate NODATA pixels before running the operation.
  • Point variant of ST_SetValue(raster) is now a wrapper around geomval variant of ST_SetValues(rast).
  • Proper support for raster band’s isnodata flag in core API and loader.
  • Additional default values for parameters of ST_Aspect and ST_HillShade
  • #2178, ST_Summary now advertises presence of known srid with an [S] flag
  • #2202, Make libjson-c optional (–without-json configure switch)
  • #2213, Add support libjson-c 0.10+
  • #2231, raster2pgsql supports user naming of filename column with -n
  • #2200, ST_Union(raster, uniontype) unions all bands of all rasters
  • #2264, support for restoring into databases with postgis in a custom schema
  • #2244, emit warning when changing raster’s georeference if raster has out-db bands
  • #2222, add parameter OutAsIn to flag whether ST_AsBinary should return out-db bands as in-db bands


  • #1839, handling of subdatasets in GeoTIFF in raster2pgsql.
  • #1840, fix logic of when to compute # of tiles in raster2pgsql.
  • #1870, align the docs and actual behavior of raster’s ST_Intersects
  • #1872, fix ST_ApproxSummarystats to prevent division by zero
  • #1875, ST_SummaryStats returns NULL for all parameters except count when count is zero
  • #1932, fix raster2pgsql of syntax for index tablespaces
  • #1936, ST_GeomFromGML on CurvePolygon causes server crash
  • #1939, remove custom data types: summarystats, histogram, quantile, valuecount
  • #1951, remove crash on zero-length linestrings
  • #1957, ST_Distance to a one-point LineString returns NULL
  • #1976, Geography point-in-ring code overhauled for more reliability
  • #1981, cleanup of unused variables causing warnings with gcc 4.6+
  • #1996, support POINT EMPTY in GeoJSON output
  • #2062, improve performance of distance calculations
  • #2057, Fixed linking issue for raster2psql to libpq
  • #2077, Fixed incorrect values returning from ST_Hillshade()
  • #2019, ST_FlipCoordinates does not update bbox
  • #2100, ST_AsRaster may not return raster with specified pixel type
  • #2126, Better handling of empty rasters from ST_ConvexHull()
  • #2165, ST_NumPoints regression failure with CircularString
  • #2168, ST_Distance is not always commutative
  • #2182, Fix issue with outdb rasters with no SRID and ST_Resize
  • #2188, Fix function parameter value overflow that caused problems when copying data from a GDAL dataset
  • #2198, Fix incorrect dimensions used when generating bands of out-db rasters in ST_Tile()
  • #2201, ST_GeoHash wrong on boundaries
  • #2203, Changed how rasters with unknown SRID and default geotransform are handled when passing to GDAL Warp API
  • #2215, Fixed raster exclusion constraint for conflicting name of implicit index
  • #2251, Fix bad dimensions when rescaling rasters with default geotransform matrix
  • #2133, Fix performance regression in expression variant of ST_MapAlgebra
  • #2257, GBOX variables not initialized when testing with empty geometries
  • #2271, Prevent parallel make of raster
  • #2282, Fix call to undefined function nd_stats_to_grid() in debug mode
  • #2307, ST_MakeValid outputs invalid geometries
  • #2309, Remove confusing INFO message when trying to get SRS info
  • #2336, FIPS 20 (KS) causes wildcard expansion to wget all files
  • #2348, Provide raster upgrade path for 2.0 to 2.1
  • #2351, ST_distance between geographies wrong
  • #2359, Fix handling of schema name when adding overview constraints
  • #2371, Support GEOS versions with more than 1 digit in micro
  • #2383, Remove unsafe use of ' from raster warning message
  • #2384, Incorrect variable datatypes for ST_Neighborhood

Known Issues

  • #2111, Raster bands can only reference the first 256 bands of out-db rasters

Team PostGIS

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