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PostGIS 2.0.2 Released

The 2.0.2 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is happy to release the second patch version of PostGIS 2, the 2.0.2 release. As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages, and there are a large number of obscure things that are now better in this release.


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Bug Fixes

  • #1287, Drop of “gist_geometry_ops” broke a few clients package of legacy_gist.sql for these cases
  • #1391, Errors during upgrade from 1.5
  • #1828, Poor selectivity estimate on ST_DWithin
  • #1838, error importing tiger/line data
  • #1869, ST_AsBinary is not unique - added to legacy_minor/legacy.sql scripts
  • #1885, Missing field from tabblock table in tiger2010 census_loader.sql
  • #1891, Use LDFLAGS environment when building liblwgeom
  • #1899, Enhance toTopoGeom error on unsupported input
  • #1900, Fix pgsql2shp for big-endian systems
  • #1932, Fix raster2pgsql for invalid syntax for setting index tablespace
  • #1936, ST_GeomFromGML on CurvePolygon causes server crash
  • #1955, ST_ModEdgeHeal and ST_NewEdgeHeal for doubly connected edges
  • #1957, ST_Distance to a one-point LineString returns NULL
  • #1976, Geography point-in-ring code overhauled for more reliability
  • #1978, wrong answer calculating length of closed circular arc (circle)
  • #1981, Remove unused but set variables as found with gcc 4.6+
  • #1987, Restore 1.5.x behaviour of ST_Simplify
  • #1989, Preprocess input geometry to just intersection with raster to be clipped
  • #1991, geocode really slow on PostgreSQL 9.2
  • #1996, support POINT EMPTY in GeoJSON output
  • #1998, Fix ST_{Mod,New}EdgeHeal joining edges sharing both endpoints
  • #2001, ST_CurveToLine has no effect if the geometry doesn’t actually contain an arc
  • #2015, ST_IsEmpty(‘POLYGON(EMPTY)’) returns False
  • #2019, ST_FlipCoordinates does not update bbox
  • #2025, Fix side location conflict at TopoGeo_AddLineString
  • #2062, improve performance of distance calculations
  • #2033, Fix adding a splitting point into a 2.5d topology
  • #2051, Fix excess of precision in ST_AsGeoJSON output
  • #2052, Fix buffer overflow in lwgeom_to_geojson
  • #2056, Fixed lack of SRID check of raster and geometry in ST_SetValue()
  • #2057, Fixed linking issue for raster2psql to libpq
  • #2060, Fix “dimension” check violation by GetTopoGeomElementArray
  • #2072, Removed outdated checks preventing ST_Intersects(raster) from working on out-db bands
  • #2077, Fixed incorrect answers from ST_Hillshade(raster)
  • #2092, Namespace issue with ST_GeomFromKML,ST_GeomFromGML for libxml 2.8+
  • #2099, Fix double free on exception in ST_OffsetCurve
  • #2100, ST_AsRaster() may not return raster with specified pixel type
  • #2108, Ensure ST_Line_Interpolate_Point always returns POINT
  • #2109, Ensure ST_Centroid always returns POINT
  • #2117, Ensure ST_PointOnSurface always returns POINT
  • #2129, Fix SRID in ST_Homogenize output with collection input
  • #2130, Fix memory error in MultiPolygon GeoJson parsing
  • Update URL of Maven jar


  • #1581, ST_Clip(raster, …) no longer imposes NODATA on a band if the corresponding band from the source raster did not have NODATA
  • #1928, Accept array properties in GML input multi-geom input (Kashif Rasul and Shoaib Burq / SpacialDB)
  • #2082, Add indices on start_node and end_node of topology edge tables
  • #2087, Speedup topology.GetRingEdges using a recursive CTE

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