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PostGIS 1.1.4 Release

The 1.1.4 maintenance release of PostGIS is now available. This is a minor bugfix and compatibility release. The following changes have occurred:

  • Fixed support for the upcoming PostgreSQL 8.2 release
  • Fixed bug in collect() function discarding SRID of input
  • Added SRID match check in MakeBox2d and MakeBox3d
  • Fixed regress tests to pass with GEOS-3.0.0
  • Improved pgsql2shp run concurrency
  • Java:
    • Reworked JTS support to reflect new upstream JTS developers' attitude to SRID handling.
    • Simplified code and droped build dependency on GNU trove.
    • Added EJB2 support provided by the Geodetix s.r.l. Company.
    • Added EJB3 tutorial and examples provided by Norman Barker.
    • Reorganized java directory layout somewhat.