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PostGIS 1.1.3 Released

The 1.1.3 release includes numerous bug fixes and some new functionality. This release includes standard support for long transactions, which should be useful for a number of client applications.

  • NEW Long Transactions support.
  • Can run the regress tests with 'make check' now.
  • New regress test support for loader/dumper.
  • BUGFIX in pgsql2shp successful return code.
  • BUGFIX in shp2pgsql handling of MultiLine WKT.
  • BUGFIX in affine() failing to update bounding box.
  • WKT parser: forbidden construction of multigeometries with EMPTY elements (still supported for GEOMETRYCOLLECTION).
  • Added --with-proj-libdir and --with-geos-libdir configure switches.
  • JDBC:
    • Improved regression tests: MultiPoint and scientific ordinates
    • Fixed some minor bugs in jdbc code
    • Added proper accessor functions for all fields in preparation of making those fields private later
  • Support for build Tru64 build.
  • Use Jade for generating documentation.
  • NEW DumpRings() function.
  • BUGFIX in distance(poly,poly) giving wrong results.
  • NEW AsHEXEWKB(geom, XDR|NDR) function.
  • Don't link pgsql2shp to more libs then required.
  • Initial support for PostgreSQL 8.2.