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PostGIS 1.1.2 Released

The 1.1.2 release is a minor release consisting primarily of bug fixes and code cleanups.

  • Regress tests can now be run *before* postgis intallation
  • BUGFIX in SnapToGrid() computation of output bounding box
  • More portable ./configure script
  • Changed ./run_test script to have more sane default behaviour
  • Fixed support for 64bit archs
  • jdbc2 SRID handling fixes in JTS code
  • New affine() matrix transformation functions
  • New rotate{,X,Y,Z}() function
  • Old translating and scaling functions now use affine() internally
  • BUGFIX in EnforceRHR()
  • Embedded access control in estimated_extent() for builds against pgsql >= 8.0.0