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GEOS 2.1.3 Released

The latest maintenance release of GEOS includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Win32/mingw build support
  • Segfault fix in LinearRing and LineString constructors
  • Segfault fix in Polygonizer
  • XMLTester installed by default
  • XMLTester code cleanup
  • Fixed handling of collection input in GeometryFactory::buildGeometry
  • Added shortcircuit test for Union operation
  • Reduced useless Coordinate copies in CGAlgorithms::isPointInRing()
  • Performance improvements in CGAlgorithms::isOnLine()
  • Other minor performance improvements
  • New Node::isIncidentEdgeInResult() method
  • OverlayOp's PointBuilder performance improvement by reduction of LineIntersector calls
  • Optimizations in Buffer operation
  • Sever BUGFIX in DepthSegmentLT as suggested by Graeme Hiebert