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PostgreSQL 7.2 Index Project

The first group-funded PostGIS development project has committed results to the CVS! Intevation, Imagelinks and Rod Anders of ACM all contributed to the funding of the 7.2 index support project. Chris Hodgson and Dave Blasby of Refractions Research did the work.

The goal of the project was to expedite the support of PostgreSQL 7.2 GiST indexing in PostGIS. The new indexes are more robust (null safe) and allow PostGIS users to take advantage of all the other PostgreSQL 7.2 enhancements in their spatial databases.

The project also included funding to bring out a documented tarball release including the 7.2 indexes and all other enhancements placed in CVS since the 0.6.2 release. The full 0.7 release should be out by May 3rd.