ST_MinkowskiSum — Performs Minkowski sum


geometry ST_MinkowskiSum(geometry geom1, geometry geom2);



ST_MinkowskiSum is deprecated as of 3.5.0. Use CG_MinkowskiSum instead.

This function performs a 2D minkowski sum of a point, line or polygon with a polygon.

A minkowski sum of two geometries A and B is the set of all points that are the sum of any point in A and B. Minkowski sums are often used in motion planning and computer-aided design. More details on Wikipedia Minkowski addition.

The first parameter can be any 2D geometry (point, linestring, polygon). If a 3D geometry is passed, it will be converted to 2D by forcing Z to 0, leading to possible cases of invalidity. The second parameter must be a 2D polygon.

Implementation utilizes CGAL 2D Minkowskisum.

Availability: 2.1.0

This method needs SFCGAL backend.