PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
varint.c File Reference
#include "varint.h"
#include "lwgeom_log.h"
#include "liblwgeom.h"
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static size_t _varint_u64_encode_buf (uint64_t val, uint8_t *buf)
size_t varint_u64_encode_buf (uint64_t val, uint8_t *buf)
size_t varint_u32_encode_buf (uint32_t val, uint8_t *buf)
size_t varint_s64_encode_buf (int64_t val, uint8_t *buf)
size_t varint_s32_encode_buf (int32_t val, uint8_t *buf)
int64_t varint_s64_decode (const uint8_t *the_start, const uint8_t *the_end, size_t *size)
uint64_t varint_u64_decode (const uint8_t *the_start, const uint8_t *the_end, size_t *size)
size_t varint_size (const uint8_t *the_start, const uint8_t *the_end)
uint64_t zigzag64 (int64_t val)
uint32_t zigzag32 (int32_t val)
uint8_t zigzag8 (int8_t val)
int64_t unzigzag64 (uint64_t val)
int32_t unzigzag32 (uint32_t val)
int8_t unzigzag8 (uint8_t val)