PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_util.c File Reference
#include "librtcore.h"
#include "librtcore_internal.h"
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uint8_t rt_util_clamp_to_1BB (double value)
uint8_t rt_util_clamp_to_2BUI (double value)
uint8_t rt_util_clamp_to_4BUI (double value)
int8_t rt_util_clamp_to_8BSI (double value)
uint8_t rt_util_clamp_to_8BUI (double value)
int16_t rt_util_clamp_to_16BSI (double value)
uint16_t rt_util_clamp_to_16BUI (double value)
int32_t rt_util_clamp_to_32BSI (double value)
uint32_t rt_util_clamp_to_32BUI (double value)
float rt_util_clamp_to_32F (double value)
GDALResampleAlg rt_util_gdal_resample_alg (const char *algname)
 Convert cstring name to GDAL Resample Algorithm. More...
GDALDataType rt_util_pixtype_to_gdal_datatype (rt_pixtype pt)
 Convert rt_pixtype to GDALDataType. More...
rt_pixtype rt_util_gdal_datatype_to_pixtype (GDALDataType gdt)
 Convert GDALDataType to rt_pixtype. More...
const char * rt_util_gdal_version (const char *request)
rt_extenttype rt_util_extent_type (const char *name)
char * rt_util_gdal_convert_sr (const char *srs, int proj4)
int rt_util_gdal_supported_sr (const char *srs)
rt_errorstate rt_util_gdal_sr_auth_info (GDALDatasetH hds, char **authname, char **authcode)
 Get auth name and code. More...
int rt_util_gdal_configured (void)
int rt_util_gdal_register_all (int force_register_all)
int rt_util_gdal_driver_registered (const char *drv)
GDALDatasetH rt_util_gdal_open (const char *fn, GDALAccess fn_access, int shared)
void rt_util_from_ogr_envelope (OGREnvelope env, rt_envelope *ext)
void rt_util_to_ogr_envelope (rt_envelope ext, OGREnvelope *env)
LWPOLYrt_util_envelope_to_lwpoly (rt_envelope env)
int rt_util_same_geotransform_matrix (double *gt1, double *gt2)
rt_errorstate rt_util_rgb_to_hsv (double rgb[3], double hsv[3])
rt_errorstate rt_util_hsv_to_rgb (double hsv[3], double rgb[3])
int rt_util_dbl_trunc_warning (double initialvalue, int32_t checkvalint, uint32_t checkvaluint, float checkvalfloat, double checkvaldouble, rt_pixtype pixtype)


char * gdal_enabled_drivers = NULL