PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_wkb.c File Reference
#include "librtcore.h"
#include "librtcore_internal.h"
#include "rt_serialize.h"
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#define RT_WKB_HDR_SZ   (sizeof(struct rt_raster_serialized_t)-4+1)


static rt_band rt_band_from_wkb (uint16_t width, uint16_t height, const uint8_t **ptr, const uint8_t *end, uint8_t littleEndian)
rt_raster rt_raster_from_wkb (const uint8_t *wkb, uint32_t wkbsize)
 Construct an rt_raster from a binary WKB representation. More...
rt_raster rt_raster_from_hexwkb (const char *hexwkb, uint32_t hexwkbsize)
 Construct an rt_raster from a text HEXWKB representation. More...
static uint32_t rt_raster_wkb_size (rt_raster raster, int outasin)
uint8_trt_raster_to_wkb (rt_raster raster, int outasin, uint32_t *wkbsize)
 Return this raster in WKB form. More...
char * rt_raster_to_hexwkb (rt_raster raster, int outasin, uint32_t *hexwkbsize)
 Return this raster in HEXWKB form (null-terminated hex) More...