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◆ rt_band_get_isnodata_flag()

int rt_band_get_isnodata_flag ( rt_band  band)

Get isnodata flag value.

band: the band on which to check the isnodata flag
the hasnodata flag.

Definition at line 714 of file rt_band.c.

References rt_band_t::hasnodata, and rt_band_t::isnodata.

Referenced by _rti_iterator_arg_populate(), RASTER_bandIsNoData(), RASTER_clip(), RASTER_dumpAsPolygons(), RASTER_dumpValues(), RASTER_mapAlgebraExpr(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFct(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFctNgb(), RASTER_setPixelValuesGeomval(), RASTER_tile(), rt_band_get_quantiles_stream(), rt_band_get_summary_stats(), rt_band_get_value_count(), rt_raster_gdal_polygonize(), rt_raster_get_perimeter(), rt_raster_intersects(), rt_raster_surface(), and test_band_metadata().

714  {
715  assert(NULL != band);
717  if (band->hasnodata)
718  return band->isnodata ? 1 : 0;
719  else
720  return 0;
721 }
int32_t isnodata
Definition: librtcore.h:2319
int32_t hasnodata
Definition: librtcore.h:2318
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