PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_mapalgebra.c File Reference
#include "librtcore.h"
#include "librtcore_internal.h"
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Data Structures

struct  _rti_iterator_arg_t
struct  _rti_colormap_arg_t


typedef struct _rti_iterator_arg_t_rti_iterator_arg
typedef struct _rti_colormap_arg_t_rti_colormap_arg


rt_band rt_band_reclass (rt_band srcband, rt_pixtype pixtype, uint32_t hasnodata, double nodataval, rt_reclassexpr *exprset, int exprcount)
 Returns new band with values reclassified. More...
static _rti_iterator_arg _rti_iterator_arg_init ()
static void _rti_iterator_arg_destroy (_rti_iterator_arg _param)
static int _rti_iterator_arg_populate (_rti_iterator_arg _param, rt_iterator itrset, uint16_t itrcount, uint16_t distancex, uint16_t distancey, int *allnull, int *allempty)
static int _rti_iterator_arg_empty_init (_rti_iterator_arg _param)
static int _rti_iterator_arg_callback_init (_rti_iterator_arg _param)
static void _rti_iterator_arg_callback_clean (_rti_iterator_arg _param)
rt_errorstate rt_raster_iterator (rt_iterator itrset, uint16_t itrcount, rt_extenttype extenttype, rt_raster customextent, rt_pixtype pixtype, uint8_t hasnodata, double nodataval, uint16_t distancex, uint16_t distancey, rt_mask mask, void *userarg, int(*callback)(rt_iterator_arg arg, void *userarg, double *value, int *nodata), rt_raster *rtnraster)
 n-raster iterator. More...
static _rti_colormap_arg _rti_colormap_arg_init (rt_raster raster)
static void _rti_colormap_arg_destroy (_rti_colormap_arg arg)
rt_raster rt_raster_colormap (rt_raster raster, int nband, rt_colormap colormap)
 Returns a new raster with up to four 8BUI bands (RGBA) from applying a colormap to the user-specified band of the input raster. More...