PostGIS  2.5.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_pixel.c File Reference
#include "librtcore.h"
#include "librtcore_internal.h"
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int rt_pixtype_size (rt_pixtype pixtype)
 Return size in bytes of a value in the given pixtype. More...
int rt_pixtype_alignment (rt_pixtype pixtype)
 Return alignment requirements for data in the given pixel type. More...
rt_pixtype rt_pixtype_index_from_name (const char *pixname)
const char * rt_pixtype_name (rt_pixtype pixtype)
double rt_pixtype_get_min_value (rt_pixtype pixtype)
 Return minimum value possible for pixel type. More...
rt_errorstate rt_pixtype_compare_clamped_values (rt_pixtype pixtype, double val, double refval, int *isequal)
 Returns 1 if clamped values are equal, 0 if not equal, -1 if error. More...
rt_errorstate rt_pixel_set_to_array (rt_pixel npixel, uint32_t count, rt_mask mask, int x, int y, uint16_t distancex, uint16_t distancey, double ***value, int ***nodata, int *dimx, int *dimy)