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◆ stringbuffer_create()

stringbuffer_t* stringbuffer_create ( void  )

Allocate a new stringbuffer_t.

Use stringbuffer_destroy to free.

Definition at line 35 of file stringbuffer.c.

36 {
38 }
stringbuffer_t * stringbuffer_create_with_size(size_t size)
Allocate a new stringbuffer_t.
Definition: stringbuffer.c:65
Definition: stringbuffer.h:35

References stringbuffer_create_with_size(), and STRINGBUFFER_STARTSIZE.

Referenced by lwgeom_to_kml2(), lwgeom_to_wkt(), lwgeom_to_x3d3(), nd_box_to_json(), nd_stats_to_json(), pointarray_to_encoded_polyline(), ShpLoaderGenerateSQLRowStatement(), ShpLoaderGetSQLFooter(), and ShpLoaderGetSQLHeader().

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