PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@

◆ lwgeom_get_bbox()

const GBOX* lwgeom_get_bbox ( const LWGEOM lwgeom)

Get a non-empty geometry bounding box, computing and caching it if not already there.

NOTE: empty geometries don't have a bounding box so you'd still get a NULL for them.

Definition at line 689 of file lwgeom.c.

References LWGEOM::bbox, and lwgeom_add_bbox().

Referenced by _lwt_AddFaceSplit(), _lwt_CheckEdgeCrossing(), _lwt_GetEqualEdge(), _lwt_minTolerance(), dbscan_update_context(), geos_envelope_surrogate(), lwgeom_extent_to_gml2(), lwgeom_extent_to_gml3(), lwgeom_split_wrapx(), lwgeom_subdivide(), lwt_AddLine(), lwt_AddPolygon(), mvt_geom(), ST_BoundingDiagonal(), ST_ClipByBox2d(), ST_GeometricMedian(), test_lwgeom_voronoi_diagram_custom_envelope(), and test_lwpoly_construct_circle().

690 {
691  /* add it if not already there */
692  lwgeom_add_bbox((LWGEOM *)lwg);
693  return lwg->bbox;
694 }
void lwgeom_add_bbox(LWGEOM *lwgeom)
Ensure there's a box in the LWGEOM.
Definition: lwgeom.c:648
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