PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
liblwgeom_topo_internal.h File Reference
#include "../postgis_config.h"
#include "liblwgeom.h"
#include "liblwgeom_topo.h"
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Data Structures

struct  LWT_BE_IFACE_T


const char * lwt_be_lastErrorMessage (const LWT_BE_IFACE *be)
LWT_BE_TOPOLOGYlwt_be_loadTopologyByName (LWT_BE_IFACE *be, const char *name)
int lwt_be_freeTopology (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
LWT_ISO_NODElwt_be_getNodeWithinDistance2D (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWPOINT *pt, double dist, int *numelems, int fields, int limit)
LWT_ISO_NODElwt_be_getNodeById (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ELEMID *ids, int *numelems, int fields)
int lwt_be_ExistsCoincidentNode (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWPOINT *pt)
int lwt_be_insertNodes (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ISO_NODE *node, int numelems)
int lwt_be_ExistsEdgeIntersectingPoint (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWPOINT *pt)
LWT_ELEMID lwt_be_getNextEdgeId (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
LWT_ISO_EDGElwt_be_getEdgeById (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ELEMID *ids, int *numelems, int fields)
LWT_ISO_EDGElwt_be_getEdgeWithinDistance2D (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWPOINT *pt, double dist, int *numelems, int fields, int limit)
int lwt_be_insertEdges (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ISO_EDGE *edge, int numelems)
int lwt_be_updateEdges (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ISO_EDGE *sel_edge, int sel_fields, const LWT_ISO_EDGE *upd_edge, int upd_fields, const LWT_ISO_EDGE *exc_edge, int exc_fields)
int lwt_be_deleteEdges (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ISO_EDGE *sel_edge, int sel_fields)
LWT_ELEMID lwt_be_getFaceContainingPoint (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWPOINT *pt)
int lwt_be_updateTopoGeomEdgeSplit (LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ELEMID split_edge, LWT_ELEMID new_edge1, LWT_ELEMID new_edge2)