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lwtree.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  rect_node


typedef struct rect_node RECT_NODE


int rect_tree_contains_point (const RECT_NODE *tree, const POINT2D *pt, int *on_boundary)
int rect_tree_intersects_tree (const RECT_NODE *tree1, const RECT_NODE *tree2)
void rect_tree_free (RECT_NODE *node)
 Recurse from top of node tree and free all children. More...
RECT_NODErect_node_leaf_new (const POINTARRAY *pa, int i)
 Create a new leaf node, calculating a measure value for each point on the edge and storing pointers back to the end points for later. More...
RECT_NODErect_node_internal_new (RECT_NODE *left_node, RECT_NODE *right_node)
 Create a new internal node, calculating the new measure range for the node, and storing pointers to the child nodes. More...
RECT_NODErect_tree_new (const POINTARRAY *pa)
 Build a tree of nodes from a point array, one node per edge, and each with an associated measure range along a one-dimensional space. More...