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◆ lwt_FreeTopology()

void lwt_FreeTopology ( LWT_TOPOLOGY topo)

Release memory associated with an LWT_TOPOLOGY.

topothe topology to release (it's not removed from db)

Definition at line 515 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::be_iface, lwfree(), lwnotice(), lwt_be_freeTopology(), and lwt_be_lastErrorMessage().

516 {
517  if ( ! lwt_be_freeTopology(topo) ) {
518  lwnotice("Could not release backend topology memory: %s",
520  }
521  lwfree(topo);
522 }
void lwnotice(const char *fmt,...)
Write a notice out to the notice handler.
Definition: lwutil.c:177
void lwfree(void *mem)
Definition: lwutil.c:244
int lwt_be_freeTopology(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:150
const LWT_BE_IFACE * be_iface
const char * lwt_be_lastErrorMessage(const LWT_BE_IFACE *be)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:120
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