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◆ lwt_AddEdgeNewFaces()

LWT_ELEMID lwt_AddEdgeNewFaces ( LWT_TOPOLOGY topo,
LWT_ELEMID  start_node,
LWT_ELEMID  end_node,
LWLINE geom,
int  skipChecks 

Add a new edge possibly splitting a face (replacing with two new faces)

For ST_AddEdgeNewFaces

If the new edge splits a face, the face is replaced by two new faces.

topothe topology to operate on
start_nodeidentifier of the starting node
end_nodeidentifier of the ending node
geomthe edge geometry
skipChecksif non-zero skips consistency checks (curve being simple and valid, start/end nodes consistency actual face containement)
ID of the newly added edge

Definition at line 2803 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References _lwt_AddEdge().

2806 {
2807  return _lwt_AddEdge( topo, start_node, end_node, geom, skipChecks, 0 );
2808 }
static LWT_ELEMID _lwt_AddEdge(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ELEMID start_node, LWT_ELEMID end_node, LWLINE *geom, int skipChecks, int modFace)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:2339
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