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◆ lwt_RemEdgeNewFace()

LWT_ELEMID lwt_RemEdgeNewFace ( LWT_TOPOLOGY topo,

Remove an edge, possibly merging two faces (replacing both with a new one)

For ST_RemEdgeNewFace

topothe topology to operate on
edgeidentifier of the edge to be removed
the id of newly created face, 0 if no new face was created or -1 on error

Definition at line 4324 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References _lwt_RemEdge().

4325 {
4326  return _lwt_RemEdge( topo, edge_id, 0 );
4327 }
static LWT_ELEMID _lwt_RemEdge(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ELEMID edge_id, int modFace)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:3940
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