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◆ lwt_AddEdgeModFace()

LWT_ELEMID lwt_AddEdgeModFace ( LWT_TOPOLOGY topo,
LWT_ELEMID  start_node,
LWT_ELEMID  end_node,
LWLINE geom,
int  skipChecks 

Add a new edge possibly splitting a face (modifying it)

For ST_AddEdgeModFace

If the new edge splits a face, the face is shrinked and a new one is created. Unless the face being split is the Universal Face, the new face will be on the right side of the newly added edge.

topothe topology to operate on
start_nodeidentifier of the starting node
end_nodeidentifier of the ending node
geomthe edge geometry
skipChecksif non-zero skips consistency checks (curve being simple and valid, start/end nodes consistency actual face containement)
ID of the newly added edge or null on error (liblwgeom error handler will be invoked with error message)

Definition at line 2795 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References _lwt_AddEdge().

Referenced by _lwt_AddLineEdge().

2798 {
2799  return _lwt_AddEdge( topo, start_node, end_node, geom, skipChecks, 1 );
2800 }
static LWT_ELEMID _lwt_AddEdge(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWT_ELEMID start_node, LWT_ELEMID end_node, LWLINE *geom, int skipChecks, int modFace)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:2339
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