PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
cu_geodetic.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "CUnit/Basic.h"
#include "liblwgeom_internal.h"
#include "lwgeodetic.h"
#include "cu_tester.h"
#include "cu_geodetic_data.h"
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#define RANDOM_TEST   0


static void edge_deg2rad (GEOGRAPHIC_EDGE *e)
 Convert an edge from degrees to radians. More...
static void point_deg2rad (GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *p)
 Convert an edge from radians to degrees. More...
static void point_rad2deg (GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *p)
 Convert a point from radians to degrees. More...
static void test_sphere_direction (void)
static void test_sphere_project (void)
static void test_gbox_from_spherical_coordinates (void)
static void test_gserialized_get_gbox_geocentric (void)
static void edge_set (double lon1, double lat1, double lon2, double lat2, GEOGRAPHIC_EDGE *e)
static void point_set (double lon, double lat, GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *p)
static void test_clairaut (void)
static void test_edge_intersection (void)
static void line2pts (const char *wkt, POINT3D *A1, POINT3D *A2)
static void test_edge_intersects (void)
static void test_edge_distance_to_point (void)
static void test_edge_distance_to_edge (void)
static LWGEOMlwgeom_over_gserialized (char *wkt, GSERIALIZED **g)
static void test_lwgeom_check_geodetic (void)
static void test_gserialized_from_lwgeom (void)
static void test_ptarray_contains_point_sphere (void)
static void test_lwpoly_covers_point2d (void)
static void test_ptarray_contains_point_sphere_iowa (void)
static void test_lwgeom_distance_sphere (void)
static void test_spheroid_distance (void)
static void test_spheroid_area (void)
static void test_gbox_utils (void)
static void test_vector_angle (void)
static void test_vector_rotate (void)
static void test_lwgeom_segmentize_sphere (void)
static void test_lwgeom_area_sphere (void)
static void test_gbox_to_string_truncated (void)
void geodetic_suite_setup (void)