PostGIS is an open-source project, and support is available from a number of sources.

Reporting Problems

Bugs are reported and managed in a ticket tracker. Please follow these steps:

  1. Search the tickets to see if your problem has already been reported. If so, add any extra context you might have found, or at least indicate that you too are having the problem. This will help us prioritize common issues.
  2. If your problem is unreported, create a new ticket for it. (If you don't already have one, you'll need an OSGeo user ID to create a ticket.)
  3. In your report include explicit instructions to replicate your issue. The best tickets include the exact SQL necessary to replicate a problem. Eg. "Run this SQL and the back-end crashes." or "Run this SQL and the answer is (a), but it should be (b)."
  4. If you can test older versions of PostGIS for your problem, please do. On your ticket, note the earliest version the problem appears.
  5. For the versions where you can replicate the problem, note the operating system, and the output of the SQL
1SELECT version() || ' '
2    || postgis_full_version();

Please, do not use the ticket tracker to ask for help, use the users mailing list for that.

Security Reporting

If you believe you have found a security issue, please send an email to Follow directions as noted in Security policies and procedures.


For users who require professional support, development and consulting services, consider contacting any of the following organizations, which have significantly contributed to the development of PostGIS:

  • NetLab Consulting, custom developments
  • Crunchy Data Enterprise support for PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • Carto Hosted web services platform, performance enhancements and new features
  • Paragon Corporation Consulting, tiger geocoding data loading support and enhancements, one-one and group PostGIS/PostgreSQL training, Windows support, X3D enhancements
  • Oslandia Consulting, training, 3D enhancements
  • Refractions Research Consulting
  • Azavea Consulting, raster enhancements
  • Faunalia Consulting, topology enhancements, QGIS development
  • LISAsoft Consulting
  • Intevation Consulting

Many more PostGIS Service providers can be found using the OSGeo Service Provider search tool.

Other Support

In addition to commercial and bug squashing support, PostGIS also offers several avenues of free support:

Chat room

Realtime (or almost) chat happens in the matrix room, which is also bridged to the #postgis IRC channel on the network.

Mailing List

The postgis-users mailing list is a supportive community forum to discuss issues, to learn new techniques, and to share your knowledge with other learners.

For software development questions use postgis-devel.

Knowledge Base