Why Sponsor?

PostGIS is developed by a team of dedicated volunteers, companies, and organisations who strive to make the fastest, most stable, and most feature-packed spatial database without sacrificing security or ease of use.

Such a quest never ends and demands continuous feeding of energy and funds to be sustained.

To aid in this quest, the PostGIS project steering committee seeks an annual budget used to fund maintenance activities, code sprints, new features, and community events such as the PostGIS Day conferences.

As with any open source activity the hands-on "in-kind" participation shown during code-sprints and ongoing commitment of our core-contributors exceed any financial contribution.

Sponsor via Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Financial contributions for the project are managed by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Your financial support accumulates towards your OSGeo sponsorship level.

You can contribute via one of the following:

PayPal or Credit Card

Credit card or PayPal

Sponsorship via OSGeo Invoice

  1. To participate please email treasurer@osgeo.org to express your interest.

  2. For inclusion on the OSGeo sponsorship page also include your company logo and the amount you would like to be invoiced. Sponsorship levels required for inclusion on OSGeo website are listed here.

  3. Example email sponsoring PostGIS:

    Subject: PostGIS Sponsorship

    To: treasurer@osgeo.org


    We would like to sponsor the PostGIS Project. As a member of the PostGIS community we recognize the value of PostGIS and would find it difficult to live without PostGIS.

    Please send us an invoice for $3000 USD. This brings our total sponsorship to the level to be recognized as an OSGeo Silver sponsor (please see attached organization logo).


    My Name


Current Sponsors

Sponsorship and associated recognition is an opportunity for the team to thank those who can contribute financially. Sponsors who contribute at least at the Silver level are listed on this page.

Sustaining Members

Most of the PostGIS funding today comes via funding of direct developer salary of core PostGIS Team members. Those companies who contribute the equivalent of $3000 USD or more in the past year for one or more staff members to work directly on PostGIS core development and maintenance tasks are listed below:

Crunchy Data Kontur
NetLab Paragon Corporation

Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Sponsors

Those companies who have contributed more than $3000 USD in the past year either direct to the project or to subsidize specific core PostGIS work are listed below: