toTopoGeom — Converts a simple Geometry into a topo geometry.


topogeometry toTopoGeom(geometry geom, varchar toponame, integer layer_id, float8 tolerance);

topogeometry toTopoGeom(geometry geom, topogeometry topogeom, float8 tolerance);


Converts a simple Geometry into a TopoGeometry.

Topological primitives required to represent the input geometry will be added to the underlying topology, possibly splitting existing ones, and they will be associated with the output TopoGeometry in the relation table.

Existing TopoGeometry objects (with the possible exception of topogeom, if given) will retain their shapes.

When tolerance is given it will be used to snap the input geometry to existing primitives.

In the first form a new TopoGeometry will be created for the given layer (layer_id) of the given topology (toponame).

In the second form the primitives resulting from the conversion will be added to the pre-existing TopoGeometry (topogeom), possibly adding space to its final shape. To have the new shape completely replace the old one see clearTopoGeom.

Availability: 2.0

Enhanced: 2.1.0 adds the version taking an existing TopoGeometry.


This is a full self-contained workflow

 -- do this if you don't have a topology setup already
-- creates topology not allowing any tolerance
SELECT topology.CreateTopology('topo_boston_test', 2249);
-- create a new table
CREATE TABLE nei_topo(gid serial primary key, nei varchar(30));
--add a topogeometry column to it
SELECT topology.AddTopoGeometryColumn('topo_boston_test', 'public', 'nei_topo', 'topo', 'MULTIPOLYGON') As new_layer_id;

--use new layer id in populating the new topogeometry column
-- we add the topogeoms to the new layer with 0 tolerance
INSERT INTO nei_topo(nei, topo)
SELECT nei,  topology.toTopoGeom(geom, 'topo_boston_test', 1)
FROM neighborhoods
WHERE gid BETWEEN 1 and 15;

--use to verify what has happened --

-- summary--
Topology topo_boston_test (5), SRID 2249, precision 0
61 nodes, 87 edges, 35 faces, 15 topogeoms in 1 layers
Layer 1, type Polygonal (3), 15 topogeoms
 Deploy: public.nei_topo.topo
-- Shrink all TopoGeometry polygons by 10 meters
UPDATE nei_topo SET topo = ST_Buffer(clearTopoGeom(topo), -10);

-- Get the no-one-lands left by the above operation
-- I think GRASS calls this "polygon0 layer"
SELECT ST_GetFaceGeometry('topo_boston_test', f.face_id)
  FROM topo_boston_test.face f
  WHERE f.face_id > 0 -- don't consider the universe face
  AND NOT EXISTS ( -- check that no TopoGeometry references the face
    SELECT * FROM topo_boston_test.relation
    WHERE layer_id = 1 AND element_id = f.face_id

See Also

CreateTopology, AddTopoGeometryColumn, CreateTopoGeom, TopologySummary, clearTopoGeom