ST_LineInterpolatePoints — Returns points interpolated along a line at a fractional interval.


geometry ST_LineInterpolatePoints(geometry a_linestring, float8 a_fraction, boolean repeat);

geography ST_LineInterpolatePoints(geography a_linestring, float8 a_fraction, boolean use_spheroid = true, boolean repeat = true);


Returns one or more points interpolated along a line at a fractional interval. The first argument must be a LINESTRING. The second argument is a float8 between 0 and 1 representing the spacing between the points as a fraction of line length. If the third argument is false, at most one point will be constructed (which is equivalent to ST_LineInterpolatePoint.)

If the result has zero or one points, it is returned as a POINT. If it has two or more points, it is returned as a MULTIPOINT.

Availability: 2.5.0

This function supports 3d and will not drop the z-index.

This function supports M coordinates.


A LineString with points interpolated every 20%

--Return points each 20% along a 2D line
SELECT ST_AsText(ST_LineInterpolatePoints('LINESTRING(25 50, 100 125, 150 190)', 0.20))
 MULTIPOINT((51.5974135047432 76.5974135047432),(78.1948270094864 103.194827009486),(104.132163186446 130.37181214238),(127.066081593223 160.18590607119),(150 190))