TopoGeo_AddLineString — 使用公差并可能分割现有边/面,将线串添加到现有拓扑。 返回边标识符。


SETOF integer TopoGeo_AddLineString(varchar atopology, geometry aline, float8 tolerance);


Adds a linestring to an existing topology and returns a set of edge identifiers forming it up. The given line will snap to existing nodes or edges within given tolerance. Existing edges and faces may be split by the line. New nodes and faces may be added.


更新有关通过此函数加载的拓扑的统计信息由调用者决定,请参阅maintaining statistics during topology editing and population在拓扑编辑和填充期间维护统计信息。

可用性: 2.0.0