@(box2df,geometry) — Returns TRUE if a 2D float precision bounding box (BOX2DF) is contained into a geometry's 2D bounding box.


boolean @( box2df A , geometry B );


The @ operator returns TRUE if the 2D bounding box A is contained into the B geometry's 2D bounding box, using float precision. This means that if B is a (double precision) box2d, it will be internally converted to a float precision 2D bounding box (BOX2DF)


This operand is intended to be used internally by BRIN indexes, more than by users.

Availability: 2.3.0 support for Block Range INdexes (BRIN) was introduced. Requires PostgreSQL 9.5+.

Questo metodo supporta le Curve e le Circular String.

Questa funzione supporta le Polyhedral Surface.


SELECT ST_MakeBox2D(ST_Point(2,2), ST_Point(3,3)) @ ST_Buffer(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(1 1)'), 10) AS is_contained;

(1 row)