ST_Points — Restituisce un MultiPoint contenente le coordinate di una geometria.


geometry ST_Points( geometry geom );


Returns a MultiPoint containing all the coordinates of a geometry. Duplicate points are preserved, including the start and end points of ring geometries. (If desired, duplicate points can be removed by calling ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints on the result).

To obtain information about the position of each coordinate in the parent geometry use ST_DumpPoints.

M and Z coordinates are preserved if present.

Questo metodo supporta le Curve e le Circular String.

Questa funzione supporta il 3d e non distrugge gli z-index.

Availability: 2.3.0


SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Points('POLYGON Z ((30 10 4,10 30 5,40 40 6, 30 10))'));

MULTIPOINT Z ((30 10 4),(10 30 5),(40 40 6),(30 10 4))